Brothers of Magic: Return of the Wizard

Summoned to an alternate world, two brothers must tone their magical talents: one to save his fiancé, and the other to save them all.

In Aldora, magic is real. Long ago a war raged between two massive wizard armies, the Zandles, and the Ardoors. The Zandles found a way to mind control half the worlds population and used them against the Ardoors. To stop them, the Ardoors created a non-magical world, Earth, and cast the Zandles away- where they would no longer be a threat without their magic. Moreover, the key to Earth was safely stowed away where no one could find it.

Fast forward thousands of years into the future, the evil wizard, King Zvar, has been searching for the key for some time- and has finally found it! The key was almost within his grasp 18 years ago, and he is not about to let it get away this time. By summoning Arik and Drake to Aldora, the unknowing owners, he plots to steal the key and merge Earth and Aldora back together- so he can cast his mind control spell and rule over all!

New to Aldora, neither Arik nor Drake know the other is even there, how, or even why. All Drake knows is that monsters stole his fiancé, and by any means necessary, he will save her, including fighting monsters with his new god-like strength. Arik learns he is a wizard, but must master his abilities before he can be of any help.

Will Arik learn how to use his new powers to protect the key from falling into Zvar’s grasp? Will Drake’s new strength be enough to save his fiancé before it is too late? Read the first book in the series, Brothers of Magic: Return of the WIzard, to find out!

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